July 05, 2008

The Emperor's New Mind

It's a book I have been looking for a long time. Today, I have my hands on it - courtesy Bookworm - the second hand bookstore off Brigade road.
It's about Physics and Maths and AI and computers and stuff that no sane person should be interested in. But I bet it makes you think. Get it, read it. Those who can - do borrow it from me. It insane stuff.

"Penrose presents the argument that human consciousness is non-algorithmic, and thus is not capable of being modeled by a conventional Turing machine-type of digital computer. Penrose hypothesizes that quantum mechanics plays an essential role in the understanding of human consciousness. The collapse of the quantum wavefunction is seen as playing an important role in brain function."

Sir Roger Penrose is a mathematician and a physicist at the University of Oxford.

It covers arbit topics such as "Newtonian physics, special and general relativity, the philosophy and limitations of mathematics, quantum physics, cosmology, and the nature of time. "

I am so going to have a good time.


A said...

I can't believe we have the same genes!

tHeFiRsTiDioT said...

I know. You are so dumb

A said...

I declare War on Idiotsville!

tHeFiRsTiDioT said...

Yeah, right. You have to be capable of it.

A said...

Come up with something better to increase the number of comments:P

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