July 15, 2008

And the story continues

Am probably on the way to garnering the fattest man ever title.
I and the kook had gone to Kerala to meet some of her relatives over the weekend. A bus journey (Oh and did you know - there is a sleeper bus, with bunks just like in a train - really comfy stuff) later we were inhaling the morning mists of Palakkad and asking sleepy rickshaw drivers in Mundus to take us places.
By evening (and 9 idlis, 6 cups of coffee, 5 types of payasams, arbit numbers of dosas, sabzis and vast quantities of rice) I had met so many people and heard so much Malayalam, you will be amazed.
I was treated like a king and not just in terms of food! People were so nice, and treated me so well - even though I was meeting them just for the first time. Even if we have no common language, they made a substantial effort to talk to me and make me comfortable.
Early next morning we were off to her kaava (or temple) and at another relative's house for breakfast. Lunch was elsewhere - 6 sabzis, malabar parathas, rice, sambar, rasam, dahi, chicken and 2 payasams. More conversation with really nice people - they do have class!

Do you blame me for eating?


Aditi said...

With large kitchens and granaries too :)

tHeFiRsTiDioT said...


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