August 17, 2008

Christopher Brookmyre - Quite Ugly one morning

A typical hard bitten detective a la Micky Spillane, a dead ex-husband, a good looking ex-wife - is there too much more you can ask for from a typical potboiler?
But wait, this is not typical. Add a nice dose of dark humor, lesbian detectives, toilet humor and gruesome murders and you have a Jack Parlabane novel. It's dark-funny and it has shitloads of shit, puke, turds and what not. Jack, our hero, is a good looking young journo who can get into houses at the drop of a hat and hang from his fingertips. Ah, but he has a history of people trying to kill him in LA (which self respecting journo doesn't?) and hence makes his way back to jolly old Edinburgh.
A doc massacred (with nose bitten off and two fingers torn off in the nose - thats how gross it gets) in the house below him ends his first night hangover and he gets to work.
Not scintillating from a dectection point of view, but it has its own readability - all in all maybe a 3.5/5


Anonymous said...

Wow ! Someone has been reading voraciously, I can see. Where do you find the time ?
Suds and I have been shamelessly extending the due date at our library. One book in a month is my current frequency now.
How sad is that ! :-(


tHeFiRsTiDioT said...

That is so very sad - what do you guys do when you come home from work, or on the weekends. Of course a lot of reading is done in the bus when i have 2 hr bus journeys everyday.
Am going to be writing a review of every book I read, at least that way I have some record of what I read and what I dont.
Plus it makes people jealous :)

s said...

got here through ur email signature...

im sure u mustve read the bartimeaus trilogy.

I liked those.

Vinay said...

It kind of matches with Question, as in the DC comic character. Lesbos, loadsa murders, a religious angle to the whole thing and a super-villian' kicking ass initially as they all do till their asses get kicked. Try Final Crisis: Revelation by Greg Rucka

tHeFiRsTiDioT said...

Dammit, I should get back to reading comics now.
Am too busy with Steven Erikson though. Awesome series

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