May 11, 2006

To the moon and back

I have been a science fiction fan for long, and the thought of a man on the moon, with a permanent base out there has fired my imagination for long. Recently, I came upon this article in the Indian express about India’s moon mission. Seems like NASA wants us to take stuff to the moon for them (

After years of not cooperating with us, we are now in their good books again.

More thinking: What if we didn’t waste any money on each country coming up with their own moon vehicle, and instead devoted all those funds to a worldwide space org? Let’s see. Neil Armstrong went to the moon in July 1969. Since then Russia, China, Japan, Europe and my uncle have tried for this. Instead if we had one common body, would we not have had a base on the moon by now?

If Europe can have one space agency, then why cant the world?

Yeah yeah, I know, defense and all that bulls***.

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Anonymous said...

You know, defence and all crap is important. We don't live in peaceful times.


tHeFiRsTiDioT said...

@kook - Yeah thats the normal excuse!

A said...

.... if you'll be mah baybehhhh!!!!!!!!!!

eheheehhe or Bebbe :D

very frivolous, I know, but couldn't resist :D

tHeFiRsTiDioT said...

Post a serious message, and this is what you get in return! Bah!

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