January 12, 2006


Supposed to be one of the better restaurants in Bombay. Italian joint with not much of an ambience. Supposedly named after the "huge" Mango tree growing in its courtyard.

Ambience was not too good, and we were not impressed by the fact that it was the only place in the area which had a power outage.

But the food more than made up for it. The Bruschetta was simply mouthwatering but for me nothing was as good as the pizzas they make. Simply amazing, and it has just the right consistency. Service was unobtrusive - just the way I like it. The Champagne could do with a little bit of improvement. I have had better. And did I mention - its expensive! A meal for 2 came to 1.5K

Ambience – 5
Food - 9.5
Service – 8
Price – 5
Variety – 6

Go there again? I definitely will...        


Anonymous said...

Umm...so when are you gonna go there?


Anonymous said...

I am shocked you didn't like the ambience at mangi ferra ! Suds and I loved it ! One one of the days in a week (prolly a Tuesday), they have only candles lighting up the restaurant. It is sooo romantic. I think I fell in love with Suds all over again after having a candle-lit dinner there ! :-)


P.S. Not to mention, I loved their mango cocktails..but yeah, very overpriced !

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